Volume 13 Number 1

Category: 2017

DOI : 10.18057/IJASC.2017.13.1.


Technical Papers


Reflector Wind Load Characteristics of the Large All-Movable Antenna and Its Effect on Reflector Surface Precision

Yan Liu, Hong-liang Qian and Feng Fan


New Experimental Results of the Research on Reinforced Node in Space Truss

Cleirton A. S. Freitas, Luciano M. Bezerra, Rafael M. Araújo, Emanuel C. Sousa, Geverson M. Araújo and Édipo A. Bezerra


Investigation of Capacity on the Hollow Sections Connections with Stiffening Plate

Mehmet Fenkli, İlyas Devran Çelik; Nurettin Alpay Kımıllı and Mustafa Sivri


Experimental Evaluation of Tie Bar Effects on Structural Behavior of Suspended Scaffolding Systems

Barış Sevim, Serkan Bekiroglu andGüray Arslan


Residual Stress Measurement on Welded Q345GJ Steel H-Sections by Sectioning Method and Method Improvement

Bo Yang,Shidong Nie, Shao-Bo Kang, Gang Xiong, Ying Hu, Jubo Bai, Weifu Zhang and Guoxin Dai


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