Volume 13 Number 2

Category: 2017

DOI : 10.18057/IJASC.2017.13.2.


Technical Papers


Experimental Study on the Fundamental Mechanical Features of Cable-Supported Ribbed Beam Composite Slab Structure

Wentao Qiao , Qi An, Mingshan Zhao and Dong Wang


Nonlinear Stability Analysis of a Radially Retractable Suspen-Dome

Jianguo Cai, Yangqing Liu, Jian Feng and Yongming Tu


Integrated Fire-Structure Simulation of a Localizied Fire Test on a Ceiling Steel Beam

Guo-Qiang Li and Chao Zhang


Structural Performance of Boltless Beam End Connectors

S.N.R. Shah, N.H. Ramli Sulong, R. Khan and M.Z. Jumaat


Thermal Modelling of Load Bearing Cold-Formed Steel Frame Walls under Realistic Design Fire Conditions

A.D. Ariyanayagam, P. Keerthan and M. Mahendran


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