Volume 13 Number 4

Category: 2017

DOI : 10.18057/IJASC.2017.13.4.


Technical Papers


Stability of Independent Heavy-Duty Scaffolds: An Experimental Study

Peng, Jui-lin, Wang, Chung-sheng, Lin, Chen-chung and Lin, Shu-ken


Influence of Execution Tolerances for Friction Connections in Circular and Polygonal Towers for Wind Converters

Christine Heistermann, Marko Pavlović, Milan Veljković, Daniel Pak, Markus Feldmann,Carlos Rebelo and Luis Simões da Silva


Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction of Ductile Steel Frames in Soft Soils

Edgar Tapia-Hernández, Yesenia De Jesús-Martínez and Luciano Fernández Sola


Stationary and Transient Responses of Suspension Bridges to Spatially Varying Ground Motions Including Site Response Effect

Süleyman Adanur, Ahmet Can Altunışık, Kurtuluş Soyluk and A. Aydın Dumanoğlu


Experimental Study on Stability of High Strength Steel Long Columns with Box-Sections

Lei Gao, Kebin Jiang, Linyue Bai and Qiang Wang


Effective Length Factor of Columns in Non-Sway Modular Steel Buildings

Guo-Qiang Li, Ke Cao, Ye Lu and Jian Jiang


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