Volume 14 Number 1

Category: 2018

DOI : 10.18057/IJASC.2018.14.1.


Technical Papers


Fire Resistance of a Damaged Building Employing Buckling Restrained Braced System

Elnaz Talebi, Mahmood Md Tahir, Farshad Zahmatkesh, Ahmad B.H. Kueh and Aly M. Said


Fire-Resistance Study of Restrained Steel Columns with Initial Lateral Displacement

Jin Zhang, Yi-Xiang Xu, Xiao-Jing Yang and Dong-Hao Zhang


Trends in the Code Design of Steel Framed Structures

N.S. Trahair


Experimental Study on the Performance of Slant End-Plate Connections at Elevated Temperature

Farshad Zahmatkesh, Mohd. H. Osman, Elnaz Talebi, Ahmad Kueh and Mahmood Tahir


Experimental Study on Evolution of Residual Stress in Welded Box-Sections after High Temperature Exposure

Weiyong Wang, Shiqi Qin, Venkatesh Kodur and Yuhang Wang


A Co-Rotational Framework for Quadrilateral Shell Elements Based on the Pure Deformational Method

Y.Q. Tang, Y.P. Liu and S. L. Chan


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