Volume 14 Number 3

Category: 2018

 DOI : 10.18057/IJASC.2018.14.3.


Technical Papers


Deformation of Steel-Bamboo Composite Beam Considering the Effect of Interfacial Slippage

J.L. Zhang, Y.S. Li, K.T. Tong, J. Guo and P. Wu


Development and Calibration of A Hysteretic Model For Cfs Strap Braced Stud Walls

V. Macillo, S. Shakeel, L. Fiorino and R. Landolfo


Panel Zone Modelling of Box Columns: An Analytical and Numerical Approach

F.J. Paghale, H. Saffari and A. Fakhraddini


Effect of Blast-Induced Column Failure Pattern on Collapse Behavior of Steel Frames

G.Q. Li, Y. Zhang, T.C. Yang, J. Jiang, Y. Lu and S.W. Chen


Finite Element Analysis of Demountable Steel-Concrete Composite Beams Under Static Loading

V.I. Patel, B. Uy, S.W. Pathirana, S. Wood, M. Singh and B.T. Trang


Investigating the Behavior of Specially Pre-Fabricated Steel Moment Connection Under Cyclic Loading

Morteza Kazemi Torbaghan, Mohammad Reza Sohrabi and Hasan Haji Kazemi


Interface Bond Behaviour Between Circular Steel Tube and Lightweight Aggregate Concrete

Z.Q. Fu, H.B. Ge, B.H. Ji and J.J. Chen


Fire Resistance of Steel Tubular Columns Infilled with Ultra-High Strength Concrete

X. Lyu, G.P. Shu, J.Y. Richard Liew and Er-F. Du


Experimental Study of Mechanical Behaviour Of Angles in Transmission Towers Under Freezing Temperature

L.Q. An, W.Q. Jiang, Y.P. Liu, Q. Shi, Y.D. Wang and S.X. Liu


A New Numerical Modelling Approach for Flexible Rockfall Protection Barriers Based on Failure Modes

X. Qi, Z.X. Yu, L. Zhao, H. Xu and S.C. Zhao


Axial Residual Capacity of Circular Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Stub Columns Considering Local Buckling

C. Yang, Z.X. Yu, Y.P. Sun, L. Zhao and H. Zhao


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