Volume 18 Number 1

Category: 2022

DOI 10.18057/IJASC.2022.18.1.


Technical Papers


Buckling Behavior of a Wheel Coupler High-Formwork Support System Based on Semi-Rigid Connection Joints

Jin-Feng Dong, Hai-Qing Liu and Zhong-Wei Zhao


The Seismic Performance of Double Tube Buckling Restrained Brace with Cast Steel Connectors

Zhan-Zhong Yin, Da-Zhe Feng, Bo Yang and Chao-Chao Pan


Teaching-Learning Based Optimization Method Considering Buckling and Slenderness Restriction for Space Trusses

Felipe Faustino Kunz, Patrick dos Santos e Santos, Emanuely Ugulino Cardoso, Rene Quispe Rodríguez, Lucas Queiroz Machado and Alana Paula da Costa Quispe


Experimental, Numerical, And Theoretical Study on Static Behaviour of Novel Steel Dovetail Joint Subjected to Axial Tensile Load

Waleed Mashrah, Zhi-Hua Chen, Hong-Bo Liu and Mohammed Ameen Amer


Effect of Random Pre-Stressed Friction Loss on The Performance of a Suspen-Dome Structure

Ren-Zhang Yan, Mei-Hao Zhu, Ting Liu, Jia-Qi Liu and Zhi-Hua Chen


A Simple Method for A Reliable Modelling of The Nonlinear Behaviour of Bolted Connections in Steel Lattice Towers

Farshad Pourshargh, Frederic P. Legeron, Sébastien Langlois and Kahina Sad Saoud


Tensile Behaviour of Tmcp Q690d High-Strength Structural Steel at Strain Rates From 0.00025 To 760 S-1

Jing-Si Huo, Xiang Zeng and Hai-Tao Wang


Numerical Study of Two Novel Connections with Short End I or H Stub in Steel Structures

Mehrdad Taheripour, Farzad Hatami and Reza Raoufi


Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Seismic Performance of Ring-Beam Connection to Gangue Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Columns

Chen Fang, Guo-Chang Li, Lei Zhang and Zhi-Jian Yang


Low-Cycle Fatigue Properties of Austenitic Stainless Steel S30408 Under Large Plastic Strain Amplitude

Lei Chen, Dong-Sheng Wang, Fan Shi and Zhi-Guo Sun


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