Volume 14 Number 4

Category: 2018

 DOI : 10.18057/IJASC.2018.14.4.


Technical Papers


Assessment of Design Requirements Against Progressive Collapse in UFC 4-023-03: Numerical Simulation

H.H. Li, B.Y. Zhang and X.H. Cai


Experimental and Numerical Investigations on Skewed Plate-To-SHS X-Joints Under Compression

Y. Chen, K. He, W.X. Zhang, B.C. Chen and J.G. Wei


Experimental Investigation into The Capacity of Cold-Formed Screwed Steel Strap Bracing Connections

M. Zeynalian, ,A. Shelley, H.R. Ronagh and S. Hatami


Shear Lag Factors for Tension Angles with Unequal-Length Longitudinal Welds

J. K. Hsiao and S. Shrestha


Static and Kinematic Behaviour of A Foldable Truss Roof Structure

J.G. Cai, Z. Ye, X.Y. Wang, Y.X. Xu and J. Feng


Fatigue Life Assessment of Inclined Welded Joints in Steel Bridges Subjected to Combined Normal and Shear Stresses

Z.Y. Jie, Y.D. Li, X. Wei and P. Zhuge


Partial Interaction Shear Flow Forces in Simply Supported Composite Steel-Concrete Beams

Y. Zou, X.H. Zhou, J. Di and F.J. Qin


Seismic Behavior of Bolted Connections with Slot Bolt Holes at Ambient and Elevated Temperature

Z.X. Hou, C. Gong, Y. Zhang, Y.Z. Sun, J. Jiang and G.Q. Li


Safety Assessment of Eurocode 3 Stability Design Rules for The Lateral-Torsional Buckling of Prismatic Beams

Luís Simões da Silva, Trayana Tankova, Liliana Marques, Carlos Rebelo and Andreas Taras


Behavior of Plastic Greenhouses Under Symmetric Loading Before and After Strengthening with Tension Ties

S.H. Lee, K.J. Shin and H.D. Lee


Interaction Curves for Concrete-Filled L-Shaped Multi-Celled Steel Tube Sections Under Combined Biaxial Bending and Axial Force

G.S Tong and X.G. Li


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