Volume 15 Number 1

Category: 2019

 DOI : 10.18057/IJASC.2019.15.1.


Technical Papers


Residual Stress of Welded I Sections Fabricated of High Performance Steel: Experimental Investigation and Modeling

Yong-Lei Xu, Yong-Jiu Shi, Yi-Ran Wu and Ling-Ye Meng


Research on Influence of Member Initial Curvature on Stability of Single-Layer Spherical Reticulated Domes

Yang Ding and Tian-long Zhang


The Structural and Construction Performances of a Large-Span Half Steel-Plate-Reinforced Concrete Hollow Roof

Meng-Zhu Diao, Yi Li, Xin-Zheng Lu, Hong Guan and Yun-Lun Sun


Failure Test of a Suspendome due to Cable Rupture

Zhi-Hua Chen, Xiao-Xiang Wang, Hong-Bo Liu and Yu-Jie Yu


Developments and Behaviors of Slip-Released Novel Connectors in Steel-Concrete Composite Structures

Yang Ding, Xiao-Meng Dai and Jia-Bao Yan


Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Spigot Connections under Cyclic Loading

Mutasim Abdel-Jaber, Robert G. Beale, Nasim Khalil Shatarat and Mutasem A. Shehadeh


Behavior of CFST-Column to Steel-Beam Joints in the Scenario of Column Loss

Shan Gao, Man Xu, Lan-Hui Guo and Su-Mei Zhang


Experimental VS. Theoretical Design Approaches for Thin-Walled Cold-Formed Steel Beam-Columns

Nadia Baldassino, Claudio Bernuzzi and Marco Simoncelli


Determination of the Buckling Loads of Irregularly Shaped Plates using a New Design Approach

Hesham Ahmed, John Durodola and Robert G. Beale


Study on Dynamic Behaviors and Vibration Reduction Techniques on Cable-Supported Ribbed Beam Composite Slab

Wen-Tao Qiao, Dong Wang, Qi An and Hai-Ying Zhang


Turbulent Wind Field Simulation of Wind Turbine Structures with Consideration of the Effect of Rotating Blades

Tao Huo, Le-Wei Tong and Fidelis R. Mashiri


Influence of Random Geometrical Imperfection on the Stability of Single-Layer Reticulated Domes with Semi-Rigid Connection

Zhong-Wei Zhao, Hai-Qing Liu, Bing Liang and Ren-Zhang Yan


Seismic Optimization Analysis of Vertical Stiffener Connection to L-CFST Column

Wang Zhang, Zhi-Hua Chen, Qing-Qing Xiong and Ting Zhou


Method for Evaluating the progressive Collapse Resistance of Long-Span Single-Layer Spatial Grid Structures

Li-Min Tian, Jian-Peng Wei and Ji-Ping Hao


Behaviour of Steel-Concrete-Steel Sandwich Plates under Different Ice-Contact Pressure

Jia-Bao Yan, Zhe Wang and Xuan Wang


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