Volume 15 Number 2

Category: 2019

DOI 10.18057/IJASC.2019.15.2.


Technical Papers


Behaviour And Mathematical Model For Semi- Rigid Threaded Sleeve Connection

Su-duo Xue, Si-yao Li, Xiong-yan Li and Chen Yao


Mechanical Properties of Corroded High Performance Steel Specimens Based on 3d Scanning

Lin-fa Xiao, Jian-xin Peng, Jian-ren Zhang and Chun-sheng Cai


Collapse Safety Margin-Based Design Optimization of Steel Structures With Concentrically Braced Frames

Jeriniaina Sitraka Tantely and Zheng He


An Overview of The Connection Classification Index

Iman Faridmehr, Mahmood Md. Tahir, Mohd Hanim Osman, Abbas Razavykia


Influence of Imperfections on The Flexural Resistance of Steel Delta Girders

Omar Youssef El Masri and Eric M. Lui


Experimental Study of Unlipped Channel Beams Subject To Web Crippling Under One Flange Load Cases

Shanmuganathan Gunalan and Mahen Mahendran


Ultimate Capacity of Narrow Type Steel Box Section For Railway Self-Anchored Suspension Bridge Under Bias Compression

Rui-Li Shen, Lun-Hua Bai, Song-Han Zhang


Fire Resistance Performance Analysis of High Strength Steel Q550 Columns Under Axial Compression

Sheng-Gang Fan, Shuai Li, Bing-Bing He, Lian-Lian Jia, and Run-Min Ding


Mitigation of Fire-Induced Progressive Collapse of Steel Framed Structures Using Bracing Systems

Jian Jiang and Guo-qiang Li


Behavior of Prefabricated Beam-Column Connection With Short Strands In Self-Centering Steel Frame

Yan-xia Zhang, Quan-gang Li, Wei-zhen Huang, Kun Jiang and Yu Sun


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