Volume 16 Number 3

Category: 2020

DOI 10.18057/IJASC.2020.16.3.


Technical Papers


An Improved Explicit-Implicit Precise Integration Method for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Structures

Zhi-Xia Ding, Zuo-Lei Du, Wei Su and Yao-Peng Liu


An Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Concrete-Filled Steel Tube (CFST) Key Connected Prefabricated Wall and Column

Qian Wu, Guo-Chang Li, Ming Li and Yuan-Wei Luo


Experimental and Theoretical Study on the Behavior of the Laminated Action of Steel-Concrete Composite Beam in Negative Bending Moment Region

Xian Liang, Shu-Jin Duan, Yuan-Yuan Wang and Yan-Qing Zhang


Seismic Behavior of Biaxial Hollow Reinforced Concrete Slab to Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Column Connections

Chao Gong, Zhao-Xin Hou, Guo-Zhong Cheng, Y. Frank Chen and Wei-Qiao Liang


Experimental Study and Theoretical Analysis on Seismic Performance of Castellated Beam with Hexagonal Holes

Lian-Guang Jia, Ran Bi, Yu-Xiao Lang and Xue-Feng Li


An Efficient Method for Yield and Failure Surfaces of the Steel I-section

Anh Q Vu, Nghia H Hoang, and Hien M Nghiem


Experimental Study of Resilient Prefabricated Steel Frame with All-Bolted Beam-To-Column Connections

Ai-Lin Zhang, Guang-Hao Shangguan, Yan-Xia Zhang, Qing-Bo Wang and Wen-Chao Cai


Influence of Different Shapes of Geometric Imperfections on the Structural Behavior of Beams with Large Web Openings

Teixeira F. B., Caldas R. B. and Grilo L. F.


Analysis of Beam-To-Upright End Connections Steel Storage Systems

Lucas Alves Escanio, Guilherme Cássio Elias, Luiz Henrique de Almeida Neiva, Vinícius Nicchio Alves and Arlene Maria Cunha Sarmanho


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