Volume 16 Number 4

Category: 2020

DOI 10.18057/IJASC.2020.16.4.


Technical Papers


Experimental and Theoretical Research on RCFT Beam-Columns Fabricated with Q420b High-Strength Steel Subjected to Eccentric Load

Zhi-Hua Chen, Rui Ma, Yan-Sheng Du and Ming Lian


Experimental and Numerical Study of Mechanical Properties for The Double-Ribbed Reinforced Beam-Column Connection

Hong-Wei Ma, Hao Zheng, Wei Zhang and Zhan-zhan Tang


Effect of Circular Openings on Web Crippling of Unlipped Channel Sections under End-Two-Flange Load Case

Elilarasi. K, Kasthuri. S and Janarthanan. B


Bending Capacity of Biaxial-Hollow RC Slab with Asymmetric Steel Beams

Chao Gong, Zhao-Xin Hou, Guo-Zhong Cheng, Gang Wang and Y. Frank Chen


Experimental Investigation on Temperature Evolution of Steel Beams in Natural Fires

Er-Feng Du, Gan-Ping Shu, Yi-Qun Tang, Ying Qin, Xiao Lyu and Zhong Zhou


Study on Moment-Rotation Relationship of Steel Sleeve Beam-Column Joint with Interference Fit

Wen-Tao Qiao, Ren-Jie Zhu, Dong Wang, Jian Li and Jia-Wei Yuan


Mechanical Behaviors of Side-Plate Joint Between Walled Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Column and H-Shaped Steel Beam

Yu-Qi Huang, Ji-Ping Hao, Rui Bai, Chun-Lei Fan and Qiang Xue


Second-Order Analysis of Steel Sheet Piles by Pile Element Considering Nonlinear Soil-Structure Interactions

Wei-Hang Ouyang, Yi Yang, Jian-Hong Wan and Si-Wei Liu


Influence of A Roofing System on The Static Stability of Reticulated Shells

Wen-Liang Li, Xu-Dong Zhi, Duo-Zhi Wang, Feng Fan and Shi-Zhao Shen


Buckling Behavior of Equal Angle Restrained by Weld Seam at Both Ends: Numerical Analysis

Zhong-Wei Zhao, Xiong-Tao Fan, Xiang-Yang Jian, Bing Liang and Hai-Qing Liu


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