Volume 17 Number 1

Category: 2021

DOI 10.18057/IJASC.2021.17.1.


Technical Papers


Numerical Studies on The Seismic Behaviour of A Prefabricated Multi-Storey Modular Steel Building with New-Type Bolted Joints

Kashan Khan and Jia-Bao Yan


Seismic Behaviour of Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Frames with External Composite Wall Panels

Shi-Yi Wang, An-Ying Chen and Hai-Ying Wan


Fatigue Properties of Inclined Cruciform Welded Joints with Artificial Pits

Zhi-Yu Jie, Wu-Jun Wang, Ping Zhuge, Ya-Dong Li and Xing Wei


Behaviour of Novel Stiffened Angle Shear Connectors at Ambient and Elevated Temperatures

Karim Nouri, N H Ramli Sulong, Zainah Ibrahim and Mahdi Shariati


Experimental Study on Seismic Behavior of Innovative Multi-Cellular CFT-Walls with Tie-Bolts

Gen-Shu Tong, Chen-Hao Lin, Zhong-Zheng Hu and Shuang-Long Yang


Parametric and Comparison Study of A New and Traditional Aluminum Alloy Joint Systems

Yu-Qi Jiang, Hui-Huan Ma, Guang-Tong Zhou and Feng Fan


Performance and Capacity Calculation Methods of Self-Stressing Steel Slag Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Short Columns Subjected to Axial Load

Yuan Fang, Feng Yu, Rui Bai, Lin Xu, Yuan-Di Qian and Guo-Sheng Xiang


Behaviour of Reinforced Joints Between Steel Beam and L-Shaped Wide Limb Composite Column

Rong-Quan Ma, Ping-Yu Zhao, Hui-Yong Ban, Yuan-Qing Wang, Yu-Zheng Zhao and Cheng-Bo Peng


Stability Study on Scaffolds with Inclined Surfaces And Extended Jack Bases in Construction

Jui-Lin Peng, Shu-Hong Wang, Chung-Sheng Wang and Judy P. Yang


Enhancing Collapse-Resistance of Steel Frame Joints Based on Folded Axillary Plates

Bao Meng, Liang-De Li, Wei-Hui Zhong, Ji-Ping Hao and Zheng Tan


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