Volume 17 Number 2

Category: 2021

DOI 10.18057/IJASC.2021.17.2.


Technical Papers


Equivalent Properties for Analysis as Beam-Column of Steel Spatial Lattices of Rectangular Cross-Section

Alberto M. Guzmán and Victor A. Roldan


Study on Micromechanical Fracture Models of Structural Steel and Its Welds

Xi-Yue Liu, Yuan-Qing Wang, Yi-Du Bu and Yang Guan


Numerical Study and Design Method of High Strength Steel Welded Box Columns

Yong-Jun Lin, Kai-Qi Liu, Tian-Ji Li and Yi Zhou


Experimental Study on The Mechanical Behaviour of Q345 Steel High-Strength Bolt Bearing-Type Connections

Jing-Yao Li, Shi-Dong Nie, Jia Zeng and Bo Yang


Experiment of Hysteretic Behavior and Stability Performance of Buckling-Restrained Braced Composite Frame

Ming-Ming Jia, Liang Li, Cheng Hong, Kai Liu and Lin Sun


Axial Behavior of High-Strength Concrete-Filledhigh-Strength Square Steel Tubular Stub Columns

Guo-Chang Li, Bo-Wen Chen, Zhi-Jian Yang, Han-bin Ge and Xiao Li


Damping Performance Experiment and Damage Analysis of Replacement Connection with Low-Yield-Point Steel

Hao-Xiang He, Li-Can Liao and Shi-Tao Cheng


Design Optimization of Lattice Girders According to Member and Joint-Related Design Constraints

Tugrul Talaslioglu


Progressive Collapse Mechanism of Steel Framed-Structures Subjected to A Middle-Column Loss

Wen-Jin Zhang, Guo-Qiang Li and Jing-Zhou Zhang


Line-Element Formulation for Upheaval Buckling Analysis of Buried Subsea Pipelines Due to Thermal Expansion

Ji-Hui Ning, Si-Wei Liu, Jian-Hong Wan and Wei Huang


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