Volume 17 Number 3

Category: 2021

DOI 10.18057/IJASC.2021.17.3.


Technical Papers


Hysteretic Performance of Weak-Axis Connection With I-Shaped Plates in Steel Frame

Ying-Lu Xu and Ji-Ping Hao


Finite Element Analysis of Unfastened Cold-Formed Steel Channel Sections with Web Holes Under End-Two-Flange Loading at Elevated Temperatures

Ankur Kumar, Krishanu Roy, Asraf Uzzaman and James B.P. Lim


Study on Force Mechanism of Cable-Truss Frame and Jumped Layout of Annular Crossed Cable-Truss Structure

Jian Lu, Xiong-Yan Li, Su-Duo Xue, Ren-Jie Liu and Majid Dezhkam


Numerical Study on Shear Behaviour of Enhanced C-Channels in Steel-UHPC-Steel Sandwich Structures

Chang-Hui Li, Jia-Bao Yan, Hui-Ning Guan and Hong-Long Wang


Experimental Study on Seismic Performance of Pec Composite Column-Steel Beam Frame with Welded T-Stub Strengthened Connections

Jin Feng, Jing Jin, Jun Xia and You-Zhen Fang


Capacity Evaluation of Eight Bolt Extended Endplate Moment Connections Subjected to Column Removal Scenario

Ehsan Ahmadi and Seied Ahmad Hosseini


A Study of Collapse Susceptibility and Resistance of Loaded Cable-Supported Pipe Structure Subject to A Sudden Break of Cable Member

Marvin Paul Agwoko, Zhi-Hua Chen, Hong-Bo Liu and Xiao-Dun Wang


Mechanical Behavior and Catenary Action of Restrained Steel Beam Under Fire

Run-Min Ding, Sheng-Gang Fan, He-Yang Gui, Cheng-Liang Liu and Hang Zhou


Stress Response and Initial Stiffness of Side Plate Connections to WCFT Columns

Han-Chao Liu, Ji-Ping Hao, Qiang Xue and Yu-Qi Huang


Progressive Collapse Resistance of Steel Framed Buildings Under Extreme Events

Guo-Qiang Li, Jing-Zhou Zhang, Liu-Lian Li, Bin-Hui Jiang, Tao-Chun Yang and Jian Jiang


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