Volume 17 Number 4

Category: 2021

DOI 10.18057/IJASC.2021.17.4.


Technical Papers


Numerical Analysis and Evaluation of Effective Slab Width of Composite Continuous Beams with Semi-Rigid Joint

Abdesselam Bahaz, Salah Amara, Jean-Pierre Jaspart and Jean-François Demonceau


Investigation of Behavior of Interior Steel Connections with Openings in Beam Web and Flange Under Monotonic Loading

Dan-Dan Yan, Bai-Li Zhou, Xin Guo, Fang Lai, Xi Wei, Yi-Peng Xu, Mehdi Esfandi Sarafraz and Maryam Jahanian


Energy Dissipating Modes and Design Recommendation of H-Shaped Steel Baffles Subjected to Boulder Impact

Lei Zhao, Li-Jun Zhang, Zhi-Xiang Yu, Jian-Wei He and Xin Qi


Mechanical Prorerties of Exposed Column Base Connections For L-Shaped Columns Fabricated Using Concrete-Filled Steel Tubes

Jing Su, Ting Zhou, Zhi-Hua Chen and Xiao-Dun Wang


Experimental Behavior and Design of Rectangular Concrete-Filled Tubular Buckling-Restrained Braces

Yan-Chao Yue, Yong-Tao Bai, Yan Wang, Xiao-Fei Ma, Yu-Hang Wang and Xiao-Hua Li


Numerical And Theoretical Studies on Double Steel Plate Composite Walls Under Compression at Low Temperatures

Zhe Wang, Jia-Bao Yan, Xue-Mei Liu


Numerical Investigation on Cyclic Behavior of Ring-Beam Connection to Gangue Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Columns

Chen Fang, Guo-Chang Li and Lei Zhang


Review of Various Shear Connectors in Composite Structures

Rahul Tarachand Pardeshi and Yogesh Deoram Patil


Prediction of Ultralow Cycle Fatigue Damage of Thin-Walled Steel Bridge Piers

Zhan-Zhan Tang, Han-Yang Xue, Hong Liu and Wei Zhang


Simplified Modelling of Novel Non-Welded Joints for Modular Steel Buildings

Kashan Khan, Zhi-Hua Chen, Jia-Di Liu and Jia-Bao Yan


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