Volume 18 Number 2

Category: 2022

DOI 10.18057/IJASC.2022.18.2.


Technical Papers


Experimental Study on The Behaviour of L-Shaped Columns Fabricated Using Concrete-Filled Steel Tubes Under Eccentric Loads

Qing-Qing Xiong, Wang Zhang, Zhi-Hua Chen, Ting Zhou and Jia-Hui Qian


Experimental Study on Fatigue Performance of Steel-Concrete Joint Section of Hybrid Girder Cable-Stayed Bridge

Yang Zhou, Qian-Hui Pu, Zhou Shi, Hong-Ye Gou and Shi-Li Yang


Propagation Mode and Characteristics of Fatigue Cracks in Steel Bridge Deck after Drilling Ahead of the Crack Tip

Liang Fang, Zhong-Qiu Fu, Bo-Hai Ji and Shigenobu Kainuma


Seismic Performance Evaluation of Steel Frames with Dampers Added on Existing Structures

Jin-Peng Tan, Dan-Guang Pan and Xiang-Qiu Fu


Experimental Investigation of Mechanical Behavior of Grade 8.8 and 10.9 Small-Sized (M14-M20) Bolts with the Thread into the Bolt Hole

Yang Zhao, Zhan Guo, Xiao-Lei Xue, Quan Lin, Yu Chen and Geng-Pei Zhang


Theoretical Study on Early Stage Self-Loosening of Bolted Joint in Lattice Transmission Tower Under Transverse Load

Wen-Qiang Jiang, Ze Mo, Lan-Qi Yang, Jing-Li Liu, Zhuo-Bo Niu and Li-Qiang An


An Innovative Cable Element Allowing for Sliding Effect

Jian-Wei He, De-Hong Huang, Yao-Peng Liu, Wen-Feng Chen, Yue-Yang Ding and Siu-Lai Chan


Full-Field Geometric Imperfection Measurement Using a Projection Speckle Correlation Method and Computational Modeling of Cold-Formed Steel Rack Uprights

Jing Shi, Ling-Feng Yin, Xin-Xing Shao, Xiao-Yuan He, Guan Quan and Zhan-Jie Li


Seismic Performance of Single-Layer Spherical Reticulated Shells Considering Joint Stiffness and Bearing Capacity

Hui-Huan Ma, Yue-Yang Ma, Feng Fan and Ying-Nan Zhang


Effects of the Numbers of Stories and Spans on the Collapse-Resistance Performance of Multi-Story Steel Frame Structures with Reduced Beam Section Connections

Zheng Tan, Wei-Hui Zhong, Li-Min Tian, Yu-Hui Zheng, Bao Meng, Shi-Chao Duan and Cheng Jiang


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