Volume 19 Number 1

Category: 2023

DOI 10.18057/IJASC.2023.19.1.


Technical Papers


Collapse Resistance Calculation with Different Stiffness Connections Based on The Component Method

Zheng Tan, Wei-Hui Zhong, Shi-Chao Duan, Chao-Fan Li, Yu-Hui Zheng and Bao Meng


Experimental Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Grade 1670 Steel Wires under and after Elevated Temperature

Er-Feng Du, Xiao-Bo Hu, Zhong Zhou, Qian Li, Xiao Lyu and Yi-Qun Tang


Ultimate Strength, Ductility, and Failure Mode of High-Strength Frictional Bolted Joints Made of High-Strength Steel

Zi-Ce Qin, H. Moriyama, T. Yamaguchi, M. Shigeishi, Yu-Yue Xing and A. Hashimoto


A Preliminary Study of Deposition Rate, Material Property and Stability of Waam Stainless Steel Plates

Siân I. Evans and Jie Wang


Elastic Buckling of Outstand Stainless-Clad Bimetallic Steel Plates

Yi-Xiao Mei and Hui-Yong Ban


Analysis and Design of Axially Loaded Square Cfst Column to Rc Beam Joints Stiffened by Diagonal Ribs

Dan Gan, Hua-Xuan Tang, Wen Li, Zheng Zhou, Xu-Hong Zhou and Zhen-Ming Chen


Study on Fire Resistance of Box-Type Composite Walls

Yan-Qing Fu, Qing-Qing He, Guang-Chong Qin, Tao Lan and Ran Li


Behavior of Web Perforated Cold-Formed Steel Beams under Combined Bending and Shear Action

Li-Ping Wang, Jian Li, Xing-Xing Cao, Dong-Hui Wen and Hai-Bo Wang


Mechanical Properties and Simulation Method of Structural Steel After High Cycle Fatigue Damage

Qi Si, Yang Ding, Liang Zong and Heng Liu


Seismic Resilience Assessment of a Single-Layer Reticulated Dome During Construction

Tian-Long Zhang and Jun-Yan Zhao


Research on Dynamic Load Carrying Capacity of Assembled Internal Stiffening Wind Turbine Tower Based on Multi-Scale Modeling

Fa-Wu Wang, Kai-Mming Zhou and Shi-Tang Ke


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