Volume 19 Number 2

Category: 2023

DOI 10.18057/IJASC.2023.19.2.


Technical Papers


Experimental Study on Cyclic Behavior of Blind-Bolt Joint Connecting Steel Beam and Rectangular Tube Column

Guo-Qiang Li, Yun-Han Jiang, Yuan-Zuo Wang and Chen Chen


The Tensile Performance of Inter-Module Connection with a Bolt and Shear Key Fitting for Modular Steel Buildings

Hong-Lei Chen, Cao Ke, Chen Chen and Guo-Qiang Li


Experiment Study on The Influences of Length Errors of Cables and Struts on Spatial Cable-Truss Structure without Inner Ring Cables

Jian Lu, Su-Duo Xue and Xiong-Yan Li


Rotational Resistance Test of a New Aluminum Alloy Penetrating (Aap) Joint System

Hui-Huan Ma, Chen-Yang Zhao, Yu-Qi Jiang, Guang-Tong Zhou and Yu-Jin Wang


Moment-Rotation Model of External Cover Plate Joints Between Steel Beams and Concrete-Filled Square Steel Tubular Columns with Inner I-Shaped Cfrp Profile

Guo-Chang Li, Ming-Hao Shen, Da-Cang Ji, Han-Bin Ge and Xu Liu


High Precision Identification Method of Mass and Stiffness Matrix for Shear-Type Frame Test Model

Jin-Peng Tan and Dan-Guang Pan


Experimental Study on Interaction of Distortional and Global Buckling of Stainless Steel Lipped Channel Columns

Mei-Jing Liu, Jun-Feng Liu, Mei-He Chen, Guang-Ming Yu, Sheng-Gang Fan and Cheng-Long Wan


Study on Seismic Behavior of Trapezoidal Corrugated Steel Plate Shear Wall Structure with Pec Column

Zhao-Sheng Huang, Zhan-Zhong Yin and Bao-Yue Song


Post-Fire Behavior of Cross-Shaped Steel Reinforced Concrete Columns: Simulation and Analytical Expressions

Tian-Gui Xu, Dun Liang, Sheng-Gang Fan and Wei Li


Experimental and Numerical Analysis of L-Shaped Column Composed of Recycled Aggregate Concrete-Filled Square Steel Tubes under Eccentric Compression

Teng-Fei Ma, Zhi-Hua Chen, Kashan Khan and Yan-Sheng Du



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