Volume 19 Number 4

Category: 2023

DOI 10.18057/IJASC.2023.19.4.


Technical Papers


Investigation on Lateral Behavior of Corrugated Steel Plate Shear Walls with Openings or Slits

En-Feng Deng, Yu-Han Wang, Dou-Dou Si, Zhe Zhang and Guang-Cao Zhang


Investigating Fatigue Mechanisms and Crack Growth in 20mntib Steel High-Strength Bolts: An Experimental and Simulation Study

Jin-Feng Jiao, Li-Xuan Fan, Yong Liu, Hong-Gang Lei and Qi Guo


Shear Behaviour of Demountable Connections with Bolts and Headed Studs

Isidora Jakovljević, Milan Spremić and Zlatko Marković


Behaviours of Steel-Concrete Composite Beams at Low Temperatures: Materials and Structures

Jia-Bao Yan, Er-Cong Kang and Jian Xie


Inversion Method of Uncertain Parameters for Truss Structures Based on Graph Neural Networks

Zhang-Qi Wang, Zhe Zheng, Jun-Wei MengXiang and Wen-Qiang Jiang


An Experimental Study on Seismic Performance of Steel Composite Beam-Column Rigid Joint and Buckling Restrained Knee-Braced Joint

Feng Xu, Zhe Yuan, Na Liu, Zhen-Xing Li, Lian-Guang Jia and Wei Xu


A Review of Direct Fastening Steel Jacket for Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Columns

Zhi-Wei Shan, R.K.L. Su, D.T.W. Looi and Li-Jie Chen


Deep Learning Damage Identification Method for Steel-Frame Bracing Structures Using Time–Frequency Analysis and Convolutional Neural Networks

Xiao-Jian Han, Qi-Bin Cheng and Ling-Kun Chen


Conformation and Static Performance Analysis of Pentagonal Three-Four Strut Hybrid Open-Type Cable Dome

Hui Lv, De-Wang Liu, Shi-Lin Dong and Yan-Fen Zhong


Second-Order Analysis of Beam-Columns by Machine Learning-Based Structural Analysis Through Physics-Informed Neural Networks

Liang Chen, Hao-Yi Zhang, Si-Wei Liu and Siu-Lai Chan


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