Volume 20 Number 1

Category: 2024

DOI 10.18057/IJASC.2024.20.1.


Technical Papers


Investigation on Behavior of Steel Cables Subject to Localized Fire in Large-Space Buildings

Xiu-Shu Qu, Yu-Xiang Deng and Guo-Jun Sun


Residual Life Prediction and Design Correction Method of Corroded Circular Steel Tubes Based on Time-Varying Reliability

Zhi-Wei Zhang, Hua-Jie Wang, Hong-Liang Qian, Xiao-Fei Jin, Qiu Feng and Feng Fan


Analysis of the Dynamic Mechanism of Square Tubular T-Joints with Chord Flanges Subjected to Impact Loading

Peng Deng, Dong-Song Chang, Xiu-Long Chen, Zhong-Yi Zhu and Raheel Asghar


Evaluation of Local-Plate Buckling Coefficient for The Design of Cold-Formed Steel-Lipped Channel Cross Sections: Numerical Simulations and Design Recommendations

Hadeer Mashaly, A.H.A Abdelrahman, Fikry A. Salem and Nabil S. Mahmoud


Compression Behaviour of Bi-Angled Built-Up Cruciforms Loaded Through One Angle

Gorripotu Kishore Kumar and Raghavan Ramalingam


Study on Flexural Capacity of Profiled Steel Sheet - Polyurethane Sandwich Slabs

Wen-Tao Qiao, Zhi-Yuan Huang, Teng Wang, Kai-Li Cui and Li-Jun Meng


Study on Mechanical Properties of Honeycomb Regular Hexagon Damper

Xiao-Dong Li and Shao-Feng Li


Seismic Performance and Replaceability of Steel Frame Structures with Replaceable Beam Segments

Ling-Yun Zhao, Dang Guo, Yuan-Qiang Yang, Yan-Song Diao and Xiu-Li Liu


Structural Morphology and Dynamic Characteristics Analysis of Drum-Shaped Honeycomb-Type III Cable Dome with Quad-Strut Layout

Hui Lv, Hao Zhang, Zhong-Yi Zhu, Shi-Lin Dong and Xin Xie


An Investigation on the Effect of Random Pitting Corrosion on the Strength of the Subsea Pipeline Using Monte Carlo Method

Tong Lin, Wei Huang, Si-Wei Liu and Rui Bai



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