Volume 20 Number 2

Category: 2024

DOI 10.18057/IJASC.2024.20.2.


Technical Papers


Influence of Thermal History Assuming Fire Damage on Mechanical Properties of Steels for Bridge High Performance Structure

Koki Matsubara, Mikihito Hirohata and Ayato Hamada


Study on the Impact Cushioning Performance and Structural Optimization of a Modular Composite Buffering Structure

Yun-Tao Jin and Zhi-Xiang Yu


Durability Evaluation of Repaint-Coating on Steel with Initial Paint-Coating Removed by Induction Heating

Sota Inoue, Mikihito Hirohata and Tomonori Nakahara


Behavior Insights and Plastic Design Considerations of SSTF Systems Based on Detailed Finite Element Analyses of a Proposed Sub-Structure

Ze-Xiang Li, Dan Gan, Xu-Hong Zhou and Xi Lu


Feasibility Study on an Optical Strain Gage Based on Fluorescence Response of Graphene Quantum Dots

Yan-Hao Sun, Hai-Tao Liu, Bo Yang and Kang Chen


Direct Analysis Method in Self-Climbing Forming and Working Platform

Gao-Hong Ye, Zhi-Xiang Yu, Dong Liu, Huan He, Lin-Xu Liao and Lei Zhao


Bifurcation Buckling Load of Steel Angle with Random Corrosion Damage

Liang Chen, Jing-Zhou Zhang, Si-Wei Liu and Zhi-Wei Yu


Experimental Study of Scissor Frame Structures with FEM Validation of Load Impact on Manual Locking Mechanism

Jian Jun Moy and Cher Siang Tan


Super-Resolution Reconstruction and High-Precision Temperature Measurement of Thermal Images Under High-Temperature Scenes Based on Neural Network

Yi-Chuan Dong, Jian Jiang, Qing-Lin Wang, Wei Chen and Ji-Hong Ye


Influence of Section Slenderness on the Axial Performance of High-Strength Cold-Formed Steel Built-Up Columns

Shin-Rui Kho, Adeline LingYing Ng, Hieng-Ho Lau, Emad Gad and Krishanu Roy


Tests, Modelling and Design of Unsymmetrical Back-to-Back Cold-Formed Steel Angles under Compression

Beulah Gnana Ananthi. G, Kushal Ghosh, Krishanu Roy, Asraf Uzzaman and James B.P. Lim


Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Hollow High Strength Concrete Filled Square Steel Tube

Zhi-Jian Yang, Shu Zhang, Wei-Zhe Cui and Guo-Chang Li


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